Cherries BBQ pit is a foodies dream come true.

We slow cook our meat over local cherry wood for hours until it is tender, juicy and has a nice sweet smoke flavor.

slow smoked barbecue

We start the fire early, because lets face it real barbecue takes time.  While the meat is slow smoking in the BBQ pit it gives us plenty of time to make all of our sides from scratch for you daily.

The smoke does all the work, but let’s face it sauce is nice too!  All of our slow smoked meat is cooked with our secret home made rub.  Try it straight up or try one of our many home made BBQ sauces.  Spicy, sweet, tangy, smoky, we have a sauce for everyone.

What is our secret?  It is no secret, we just serve great home made food that is made fresh daily.  Fresh is the real difference.  Many restaurants these days cut corners and reheat premade food from the delivery guy, or they cook and freeze to reheat later.  Not us.  We don’t even have a microwave in our restaurant.

Enjoy inside dining, drive thru, pick-up or outside dining when weather permits.

Because we make our items fresh everyday we regularly run out of menu items.  Beat the rush and call in early to reserve your menu items.

Since many menu items take over 8 hours to cook, we have to predict what we will sell everyday.  If you are planning on a big party let us know in advance, and we will make arrangements to have whatever you are wanting hot and ready to go.


  • Ok, first off I have to say that I came in an hour before closing with ten fairly rowdy people who needed separate checks. And you know what? We got some of the best damn service there is.

    Now on to the food – it came out crazy fast (ten people!) and was AMAZING. I got the brisket, which was incredibly tender, with chunks of fat the consistency of… Butter? It was insane. Some other favorites at the table were the chicarrones, the special (deep fried chili cheese balls) fry bread bites (SO light and fluffy) and the pulled pork. I got the ‘spicy’ sauce which was fairly mild and complemented my brisket well.

    Everyone should eat here and support local business! So good!

    Beryl M – Austin TX


    Food is so delicious!
    Ribs are delicious, chicharrones are a must.
    Potato chips are home made so good
    Service is very good
    Get here early… Food sells out

    Mari C – Redmond WA

  • Best BBQ sandwich I’ve ever had, including some pretty famous places in Tennessee and Austin TX. The meat is smokey, juicy and very flavorful. Bread is soft and sauces were incredible.

    Ashley G – Long Beach CA