Dawn G – Olympia WA

The reviews were good so I knew we would be happy stopping here along on our road trip, but it was so good that we ended up visiting 2 days in a row!!! It is a small place, looks a bit like a coffee stand. It has a small dine in area, a small outside dining area with picnic tables and a drive through. The first day we visited it was late, and they only make so much of each thing and when it is gone…. it is gone for the day. So the Mr did not get to have brisket as it was sold out, as was the corn. However the special of the day was a Southwestern Spicy pork and it was oh so good. Each plate is $8-$10 and comes with 2 sides. The portions are big and very filling. One the first day we got 2 of the specials and had so much we ate it for lunch and dinner! The “fries” spiral cut potatoes in ribbons were a cross between a fry and a potato chip all hooked together. Sinfully yummy! We also got the Baked Beans – really good. The sandwiches were some of the best flavored pork I have ever tasted! The next day we went into Polson again from the State park early to do some grocery shopping and when we were done they were just opening so the Mr got his Brisket – he was in heaven! And this time the Bacon Cream Corn was also available so we got that and oh my – so delicious! The sauces are all really good – especially the Jalepeno Honey and the Siracha. They also had a special huckleberry lemonade that was really good. I got a large and saved half for late in the day and made an adult lemonade shaken with vodka than was amazing! If I am anywhere within a couple hundred miles of this place again…. you will find me there in no time!