Jason G – San Carlos CA

Sometimes Yelp really comes through, and this was a great example.

Cherries BBQ is a tiny place in Polson, Montana. I wouldn’t have driven by it if not for the high marks I read about it. I’d never have noticed it if I just drove by, and I certainly wouldn’t have been impressed by the looks. But damn they make a good bbq.

Cherries is basically a doublewide trailer turned into a BBQ joint. They seem to do a thriving takeout and drivethrough business, and they have a small dining room if you want to eat in.

They were sadly out of chicken and rib tips, so their small menu became even more limited to us, but we were still thrilled with the results.

1/2 slab of ribs was a large serving of falling-off-the bone meaty ribs. Some of the best I’ve ever had.

Their salads were large plates of greens served with your choice of smoked meats. Pulled pork was an excellent choice.

Baked beans side is sweet, smokey, and peppery.

Cole slaw is not overdressed, and the dressing is heavier on the vinegar than the mayo, which makes for a nice fresh taste to counter the richness of the meats.

Oh, and every employee in that restaurant was extremely friendly and helpful.